Market Research

Includes: (1) Consumer Surveys with: (a) Non-buyers to provide critical quantitative data in reaction to marketing and sales programs, reasons for not purchasing, remaining degree of interest in purchasing, etc.; and (b) Owners to provide critical quantitative data on owner satisfaction, purchase motivations, degree of interest in reloading and referring, future use patterns, reactions to exchange company, demographics, etc.; and (2) Focus Groups with the same audience and objectives as for the consumer surveys, with information being collected in a more qualitative, probing manner with small group discussions.

Project Critique and Evaluation

Complete critique and evaluation of existing projects.

  • The company and its commitment and preparation
  • The physical product
  • Amenities and services
  • The offering
    • degree of ownership
    • use plan/reservation system
  • Pricing
  • Marketing and sales operations
  • Management operations
  • Financial issues
  • Recommendations for improvement