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Pre-Development Services


PRE-DEVELOPMENT SERVICES (Prior to starting a project)

Feasibility Analysis (or more concise Position Paper)
A thorough and objective report evaluating the potential success of a resort project from both market demand and financial performance perspectives. Contents are based on extensive field work. Includes a comprehensive report (+/- 250 pages) containing wide range of conclusions and recommendations, full supporting documentation, and a pro forma cash flow analysis addressing all variables relating to costs and revenues. Recommends on:

  • Go or no-go recommendation
  • Product mix
  • Number of units
  • Bedroom configuration and floor areas
  • Degree of ownership
  • Use plan/reservation system
  • Pricing
  • Sales pace
  • Amenities, services and owner benefits
  • Consumer profile
  • Market depth and market area
  • Estimated financial performance
    • Sales volume
    • Product costs
    • Operating costs
    • Before-tax profit
  • Implementation scenarios

Consumer Research
Includes: (1) Consumer Surveys to provide quantitative data for determining the degree of consumer interest in purchasing at a proposed project, the most appropriate pricing and product characteristics, and the type of consumer with the greatest propensity to purchase; and (2) Focus Groups to provide critical qualitative information. Addresses same issues as in consumer surveys, but in a more probing manner with small group discussions. Informs on:

  • Who they are
  • Where they are
  • How many there are
  • What they want to buy
  • What they are willing to pay


Complete coordinating service for new projects and companies entering the resort real estate industry.

  • Education about the concepts and business model
  • Preparation of proper foundation materials and Business Plan
  • Introduction to appropriate vendors, advice in their selection, and monitoring of their performance
    • design
    • legal
    • marketing and sales
    • management and operations
  • Coordination of efforts of entire team, from preparatory work through actual implementation